Lyubov Tsokolo

A mother of a big family, a publisher, an entrepreneur, and a producer.
Co-owner of the SUPER MAMA brand, organizer of the SUPER MAMA, SUPER KIDS and SUPER FAMILY awards. Editor-in-Chief of SUPER MAMA magazine, publisher of REAL magazine. Co-owner of the SUPER MAMA CLUB. Organizer of the SUPER MAMA Business Forum.


Being a supermom means being multi-faceted: raising children, cooking delicious lunches, working, learning new things, looking at life with interest, and so much more – while staying beautiful. This is an art all women can master – to play different roles. Looking at such women, you’d want to applaud them and wonder: how does she manage it all? Our brand is about them: women who do not star in movies or walk the runway, yet for us they are stars and an example to follow.

Today SUPER MAMA has become a big international project comprising a magazine, award ceremonies, events, a club, and a business forum. We are known not only in Russia, but also in Dubai, London, Miami, Courchevel, Monaco, and Nice.

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